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Visuals for Smash Simmons single “Awesome” from the upcoming project W.O.O. (Weapons.Oil.&Opium.) Very rare… …Very Awesome.


Keep it movin’…

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INAT Goonette out chea in her vibe vixen article
HERE and if you do that tumblring BS Here

we outchea spendin these christina mill-ans!!!!

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Yall need to get on your grind and learn bout these MA-THEMA-TICS

Morganfreeman…you bastards!

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Cover by TheSuper3

Smash Simmons Presents NICER SHIT…

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1.Skit…King Of Zamunda
3.Let Me Roll (Feat.SupreemeSupreeme)
4.Bitch Keep Callin Me Part 1
5.Rollin’ Wishin
6.Bitch Keep Callin Me Part 2 (Feat. geeked squad)
7.Price Is Right (Feat. geeked squad)
8.One Time
9.My Anatomy (Feat. D Frank)
11.Four Season (Feat.DFrank, Mane, And Beets)
12.Sweat [Bonus]

Click the Link Below to Download The CD!!!
Smash Simmons – Nicer Shit

We Got Dat Bounce…

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SmashSimmons x aNYthing… NICER SHIT DROP…

Yo smash, FUCK KOBE!!!

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Just look at this corny ass nigga tryna rap in his fucking choppa suit

this pic isn’t kobe but this shit funny to me this nigga Brian Mcknight in that video….ahahhaaaa


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Bless The Child

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I spoke of this cd and Supreemes break up a minute ago and waited to posted this cd, but this is the homies Negashi Armada, Sam (King Self) Terrell and Shaka’s last Cd. These are the homies and have always held Atlanta down and its sad to see them go there different ways musically but there all doing there things regardless. Churh and State will always be my favorite cd but download this one and add it to the collection too.
Read More Here

God Bless the Child -Supreeme’s Last Testament

Grape Drink

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“see if he got kool-aid
*few seconds later*
im serious about that kool-aid”

LOL @BucciBandana

The Low Dizzle

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…all in my backyard

ThrowBack: Scruffy

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Old ’07 Footage RE EDITED
Smash Simmons, Les , Sheed and J.scott?! chillin in that cobb county …but some shit happened to this nigga DEEEE FUCKKK
Chill Yuppies theres no dead dogs R.i.p Scruffy tho


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The homies Lazy Mane & Kosher Beets been going hard since we were in HS they still out chea doing there thing!!!! Coming out the ATOWN peep there latest cd SUPREME I.N.K . Im Telling yall look out for them they been bringing that old genuine down south shit reminiscent of that old Outkast Dungeon Family. They have some shit with the fam SMASH SIMMONS that sounds CRAZY, But thats another subject (COMING SOON)
Peep Download and Ride Out!!!


LazyMane & KosherBeets – SUPREME I.N.K

Check out one of Kosher Beets older CDs to hear some more stuff more the homies


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