Trillest, Realest, ILLest

My homies Casa Loco Ny made a list of there top mc’s and a pretty good one and i was thinking of some of mine and shit…
with a few exceptions…

* Biggie, tupac, Jayz, Nas dont count on a list to me….i think everyone has them on there list for whatever reason, I dont care some of them but whatever
i would ask people there list and they would be like “biggie…jayz…umm idk who else” smh i would be like damn do people know of people besides these niggas

*Gucci mane and Oj the juiceman is the most trill and coming the hardest on some ignant shit right now and ive been listen over the past few years but i didnt put him on my list for all the people that just assumed lol i think its already understood im fucking with gucci and juice

*Lil wayne i know he claims the best rapper alive title and hes on peoples list of being that, i have been a wayne fan during the block is hot baller blockin era and he went the hardest during his SQAD UP era and the last mixtape i can really vouch for is that LIL WEEZY ANA but beside that i dont know what shit he on now

*This isnt a LIST in order…its just a random order pretty much…the names of everyone is at the bottom in the order the pics go down


Project Pat
ANYBODY IN DUNGEON FAMILY (3000, Big boi, Gip etc.)
Killa Cam

i’ll drop reasons for whoever on the list mutha fuckas , i missed out on people it was done spur of the moment so if you feel theres someone thats suppose to be on there voice your thoughts and i’ll debate why who ever is suppose to not be or be on that bitch

23 Responses to “Trillest, Realest, ILLest”

  1. the clipse! the clipse! the clipse!
    ice cube
    and some more niggas out the wu-tang

  2. oh, and killer mike!

  3. imnotatoy Says:

    ight yea pusha T was on the list of notable mentions (groups/duo is a whole other list)

    ice cube, me and my homie were talking about him and possibly the older cube for sure

    killer mike is that dude and he’s on his shit but hes on my list of niggas that are the future of this

  4. imnotatoy Says:

    and yea RZA and Rae would be on it too no doubt but Ghost that dude and i just decided to just put one member of the wu on there and ghost just happens to be my fav lol

  5. Nas? comeon homey… can’t forget him
    Definitely Rae too

  6. Nas? comeon homey… can’t forget him
    Definitely Rae too
    I do feel you on people always putting those 4… Pac don’t count too me, way overrated. Good list tho*

  7. Stevearelli Says:

    Pac, overatted? Not at all dawg

    I fuck with ghost man, but alot of his shit dont be makin no goddamn sense to me. Like I need some type of booklet to understand all his slang that he be tryna kick. I can only take that shit in doses. That’s a pretty solid list though.

    The Game-Two Classic albums, One solid album. Good track record

    50 Cent-Yeah I said it, dont like his more recent shit. But any rapper that completely shifts the sound of mainstream rap gotta be thrown on the list.

    Bone Thugs & Harmony-Being able to combine lyricism with barbershop quartet-styled melodies..Shits pure genius

    Snoop Dogg-Having that much longevity without being corny(I.E.-LL COOL J)

    Personal favorites…

    Freeway-He be killin it with the sporatic flows, Straight abstract like a mothafucka like some off-beat spoken word street shit.

    Ras Kass-See “Goldyn Child”, “Nature Of Threat”, “H20 Proof”, “Rasassination”

  8. imnotatoy Says:

    yo i knew you were gonna come with the ILL shit

    Ras Kass i made an image for him and everything and was gonna throw him up there
    Freeway is one of my favs tho def like philly freeway was a crazy album
    i thought state property was one of the best things of our generation

    im only biased of ghost cause thats pretty much the first rapper i started following ( well first was pac ) so ghost is some shit that its some shit that reflects a certain mindstate i was in growing up
    but im originally from the south so i was listening to madd south shit
    growning up natural but ghost was the first artist outside my enviroment i got into and then i started moving back and forth from NY lol

    but i forgot alot of artist i made the list spur of the moment so it was more the first names that came to mind as far as what ive been listening to for a long time

    the best group/duo is a very notable list too tho…

  9. imnotatoy Says:

    Game did put out 2 really good albums
    game and say freeway go in my FUTURE list like rappers i think currently could take over and are solid

    snoop goes in the same boat as cube right now

    50 is a Big one to cause he really did put out a good first album and massacre was good as shit too nobody wants to admit that they fuck with 50 now a days sometimes but honestly 50 did come with it (i dont know bout curtis)
    but throw on those fisrt 2 albums and he was like the last rap artist of this era to sell records lol

    bones is def in my best group tho lol

  10. imnotatoy Says:

    oh for the smart dumb homies
    my text is white so you cant see where it says





    so to comment name in the first line
    email in the second
    and if you have an url its in the 3rd

  11. Stevearelli Says:

    need to explain Project Pat though, besides Mista Dont Play that..I really aint get into his shit.

    I’d probably choose Lord Infamous, Koopsta Knicca, Or even Earlier DJ Paul over Pat

  12. imnotatoy Says:

    getty green, murders & robbers, mista dont, layin da smack down, crook by the book….all were good ignant shit like we use to bump all that shit when we was younger (sheed i remember yo bitch ass breaking my mista dont play nigga)
    even walking bank roll was cool

    koop and infamous would be up there but all of project pat shit was hard to me and he had ill mixtapes even his most recent was good history of violence
    maybe thats another biased view becaue it has to do with old days

    i would put 8ball over pat tho
    casue 8ball go hard no lie

  13. ally mcbeal Says:

    um what about the ladies?? hello? lil kim? mc lyte? shante? srsly not ONE lady makes the cut?

    what about fatlip? i read maliks list too and thats the only one not mentioned on either one of your shits that didnt get any props. u should do one with the illest PRODUCERS in the game. or ever

    besides that, good list

  14. imnotatoy Says:

    yea KIM of course My bad

    rah digga?
    Gangsta boo?

    what female still goes hard now a days

  15. ally mcbeal Says:

    trina goes hard shes a bad bitch fer sure but theres not that many not gonna lie. they stopped giving a female rap award at the grammys fo a minute. like 2003 or something. i want someone girl to come through n start killin it but i dunno. have u heard the new doom album? there is a girl on one of those tracks that is pretty sick, i think its called still dope or sutttttttttttin i cant remember. but shes more of a erykah badu or lauryn hill type then trina or kim

    but yeah. girl power WHAT

  16. imnotatoy Says:

    oooh yea lauryn be killing it rhymes and singing forgot that
    but naw i havent peeped that new doom out yet i heard bad things about it so i hadnt got the chance to listen myself lol

    nikki manaj is a new female artist but i dont know whats gonna happen with her outside of gucci and wayne

  17. ally mcbeal Says:

    i dont hate the doom album, but i dont love it either. its not bad its just not innovative. doom has such a defined sound n shit and its a dope sound that is very unique n very him and shit but it basically sounds like something he could have come out with years ago. it’s not new or exciting or progressive. he does get busy with a vocoder t-pain style though on one of the tracks ha i dug it. i can send u the album you if u want it

  18. imnotatoy Says:

    oh yea i havent heard her before shs ill
    but yea you can send it thru so i can take a listen to it

    oh JEAN GRAE is probably one of the illest female rappers out
    i dont know how i forgot bout her lol

  19. Stevearelli Says:

    Not to sound ignorant, but dont no female besides lauryn belongs on any top 10 list. Most those broads aint even write their own lyrics. Only time a female’s lyrics moved me was Lil Kim on the Benjamins remix. Other than that…NAH

    Maybe cuz it’s because I only listen to shit that I can relate to, I’m definitely not about to be ridin’ to a chick talkin bout getting her period or falling in love with a boy or suckin dick.

    Fatlip? From Pharcyde? His old stuff is good but he never had a real solo career.

  20. imnotatoy Says:

    i feel ya steve
    as far as kim she does go hard but she is def a girls view
    jean grae rhymes like dude to me
    but lauryn has always been the truth as far as women she was madd real with hers and guys and girls could relate to it

  21. no Dr. Dre??… 2001 was classic…
    old eminem went hard, and speaking of which, no ludacris either?… wassup with that?

    and in my opinion, talking about being originally from the south, where pastor troy at?

    and no lupe…
    (shakes head)…
    just my thoughts…

  22. imnotatoy Says:

    ight 2001 was ill
    i would put snoop over dre tho
    dre goes hard over beats
    luda iono criss luva luva my boy was saying ludacris went harder than T.I and i had some slack from someone else aobut T.I not being on there
    i’ll put t.i over luda personally but luda is more funny pop rap sometimes lol

    ight pastor troy now this is a south thing pastor troy was on my list actually i just couldnt fit everyone

    lupe i dont know lol
    hes newer as far as it goes
    mixtapes were ight

  23. are you kidding? Big L aint even on there?! that’s weak. best rapper ever.! lord finesse shit at least L and some d.i.t.c. cats. ALL of wu-tang goes hard. ghost, rae, inspectah deck, meth, rza, u-god, gza, cappadonna, masta killa. in that order. trust me i got alll the clan cd’s and each member’s solo albums. thats the right order according to dopeness. all their solo’s coming out better than anything on the radio these days shit. O.D.B. aint on there because he’s on some other shit with his work like the bob dylan of the clan, dude was so innovative and unimmitatable. unfuckwitable. raw. fuckin gotta have big boi on there too though. that guy is lyrical as fuck and still cooler than a polar bear’s toenail. AZ and yeah Nas. Black Thought from the roots. listen to web on the tipping point. shits raw. not knockin your list though. bump jada, face, ugk, em… Big L should be #1 though… too much to even get into

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