501 and Gnikes…whoaaaa

I keep a fresh pair of Gnikes, 501 up on my ass lil mama what it be like…whoooa
if yall smell something stanky yeeeeeeeaaaa i be the shit bitch

6 Responses to “501 and Gnikes…whoaaaa”

  1. Stevearelli Says:

    damn he just disgraced the boosie fade

  2. imnotatoy Says:

    Smh word
    he was on some other shit with that lol

  3. fuck yall hatas dallas swag in this bitch

  4. imnotatoy Says:

    I aint hatin on the boy shits tuff…
    it was the hair that threw me off lol

    i fucks with dallas tho no lie

  5. chanelpyrex Says:

    this is so incredible ❤

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