*Door Creaks Open*

Homeboy: What Up Mane?

Dopeboy: Whats up playa Whats Up Whats Up What ya need What ya need

Homeboy: Shiiit tryna smoke good like you

Dopeboy: Shiiiit i aint smokin good, im just over here tryna pay deez bills

Homeboy: What it look like for the ooski woski?

Dopeboy:Shiiit for you…since you my nigga….65

Homeboy: 65?

Dopeboy: Yea

Homeboy: You just charged me 50 the other day

Dopeboy: This some of dat got damn LA This some of that WESTCOAST

Homeboy: So it must have the $15 plane ticket add on to the mutha fucka

Dopeboy: Hey shit hey i aint the one to put the tags on it, i just sell it to ya just like i get it you know what im sayin

Homeboy: Stems seeds and everything Uh?

Dopeboy: Shit you know how it go playa

Homeboy: Well ima tell ya like this, i cant even smoke like that so you can gone keep that

Dopeboy: Well shit i’ll holla at you then later on

Homeboy: ALRIGHT then i’ll holla at you too then nigga

DopeBoy: Shiiitt

Homeboy: Dont holla at me no moe

Dopeboy: Hollat at cha

Homeboy: Bye nigga

Dopeboy: Yeaa

3 Responses to “*Door Creaks Open*”

  1. bwoi stop……lol

  2. Callender Says:

    regular convo between me and jscott

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