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Glitter Gloves & Glassdicks(No Homo)

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Homeboy Tim Vocals Remixed Mike Jack’s Thriller

Trap Goin Ham

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i had to post this…its that straight raw video…cookin up and fiends smoking crack WOOW and a cameo from lil debbie snacks

Remember Them Days

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G-Unit: 134 All-Stars. This was the original G-Unit(50, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, Domination, Bang Em’ Smurf, Mutt Lo, and Sha-Manteca). This was the first official mixtape they ever did as a group, even though Fif was still recovering in the hospital while this was recorded. Lloyd Banks was still in high school at the time as well. Rare shit. Alot of websites are posting the bullshit version of this tape, this is the official though. CLICK THE PICTURE TO DOWNLOAD.

1. R.I.P. Huey P (Freestyle)
2. Lump Feat. Tony Yayo
3. Tony Yayo, Sha Manteca,Mut Lo,Domination & Lloyd Banks – Freestyle
4. Tony Yayo – Freestyle (2000)
5. Lloyd Banks -Freestyle (2000)
6. Lloyd Banks, Sha Manteca, Mutt Lo – Freestyle
7. Lloyd Banks – Freestyle
8. 50 cent – Freestyle(1997)
9. Mutt Lo, Tony Yayo,Sha Manteca, Lloyd Banks – Freestyle
10. Lloyd Banks – Freestyle
11. Lloyd Banks – Freestyle
12. Tony Yayo – Freestyle
13. Na The Natural Feat. Tony Yayo
14. Tony Yayo Feat. 50 cent – Freestyle
15. Sha Manteca, Lloyd Banks, Mutt Lo, Tony Yayo – Freestyle
16. Tony Yayo feat. Lloyd Banks – Freestyle
17. Ava denero, Lloyd Banks, Sha Manteca – Freestyle
18. Sha Manteca,Lloyd Banks, Mutt Lo, Tony Yayo – Freestyle
19. Tony Yayo – Freestyle (2000)
20. Bangem Smurf Feat. Lloyd Banks
21. Lloyd Banks Freestyle (2001)
22. Tony Yayo Freestle (2001)
23. Lloyd Banks – Freestyle (2000)
24. Tony Yayo Freestyle (2000)
25. Mutt Lo Feat. Tony Yayo, Sha Manteca
26. Mutt Lo Feat. Lloyd Banks

ac milan X ATL!!!!

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Picture 32Udinese+Calcio+v+AC+Milan+Serie+UaiQxYlclyVl

RIP Michael Jackson

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For real i tought i’ll never see the day…this is crazy to me


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Picture 28

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