we went from champion hoodies and oversized fitteds to members only jackets and lip rings I got the choppas on deck for u wierdos…farilly tho wat happened to the OLD NY, THE REAL NY. Everybody going to parties in alphabet city now having buttsecks with eachother. Shit’s crazy dawg everybody so goddamn obsessed with the 90’s but still lookin like futuristic queers, yall ass backwords with it. Lookin like the 2009 version of Shalamar and shit. I’m bout to start kickin buildin’s down like snoop real meal


the words and opinion and stevearelli does not reflect that of IMNOTATOY.COM, plz refrain from comin at the other homies with that fuck ass shit

5 Responses to “NYC GAY AS SHIT”

  1. i’ve been saying it. the only comeback i get is go back to philly. imnotatoy bring new york back!

  2. steve went in on this post i think he bringing the trill up and gonna bring NY back

    not all is lost

  3. Stevearelli Says:

    real meal dawg what had me dyin was i knew this dude who used to bang blood hard stay flagged up in some fresh size 42 jeans i seen him recently at dis event and he was rockin lil tight ass john stockon shorts with chancletas lookin like he wake up to a fresh frappucino with some anal secks no homo…everybody a spring street thug now straight tender lovin strawberrys and whip cream status its the new NY tho we movin it foward for 09

  4. imnotatoy Says:

    word son i know… ima vent out about ATL too

    AND we stand by stevearelli opinions always, everyones subject to there own opinion, all this sensitive ass emontional shit gotta stop

    miss me with that fuck shit

    I know some people gonna be offended by this post HAHAA

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