Its the first official single of gucci’s album The State Vs. Radric Davis, Now this was a good move on his part this walked gucci more into middle america and the suburbs with this song/video. I mean this is one of the best CLUB/PARTY songs ever, even you old “hip hop” heads have to agree muthafuckas get loose when this shit comes on. Sooooo im predicting this is gonna be a huge Hit for gucci and since gucci is with new management (jeezy’s old management actually) i actually see his next album doing CRAZY. I mean gucci isnt that chicken talk 1 and 2 gucci I bumped alot and was fucking with hard. I mean everyone and there mother knows a gucci song besides PILL or FREAKY GURL, and thats what happens, Hipsters and Silver spooners love them some gucci, they love them some ignorant black music LOL. But Since he got out of jail you have not seen or heard as much stuff from him besides features here and there, im just waiting to see what next?


2 Responses to “Wasted!!”

  1. Stevearelli Says:

    gucci shit been ass since he got out

    Chicken Talk, EA Sportscenter, No Pad No Pencil >>>

    Gucci Ahwwwwwww > Gucci Nyeaahhhh

    but word its good to see him finally get that shine he’s def the comeback kid of the decade

  2. Stevearelli Says:

    dont sleep on frenchie either

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