She Out Chea!

with the foams in the club!

“bitch posin like she got hollowman in a headlock ” – EastSideStevie

13 Responses to “She Out Chea!”

  1. i hate them shits but she get a pass

  2. Stevearelli Says:

    bitch lookin like she bout to do a reverse backhand jam

  3. Stevearelli Says:

    bitch got that boom shaka laka swag

  4. Stevearelli Says:

    bitch bout to catch fire on some NBA jams shit

  5. Shawty crankin that heel toe nshs talent show o4 tasha and dede

  6. ol hacksaw jim duggan lookin ass

  7. Lmaoooo I can’t evenget mad cause we def cloned this picture all the time.where in the hell did you find this? And I was actually dancing smh

  8. Oh wow this is from last year lolol…someone jus facebooked me this…

  9. We Love You Shawty ! ^_^

  10. But why you in the club in foams tho? High yellow Tim Duncan ass bitch.

  11. Lmao I wasn’t in the club, I was in the gogo…there is a big difference. Clearly no one on this post is from d.c., I was just having fun. Lol

  12. aye Manda you was crankin son?? lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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