CLASSIC: That That That That Girl

Yo Raheem The Dream, “MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE WORLD” is straight up legendary! My nigga arrived to Atlanta in a fuckin jet with a stretched out hummer waiting for him with like 4 tenderronies! Being a young lad seeing this blew my mind, at the skating rink straight flexing out for the girls when this came on. The plot of the video had a meaningful message as well, he ended up with the Book Worm, smarty art looking girl with that halle berry ‘BOOMERANG’ swag that hit the spin a roonie and transformed on that ass….WE SALUTE YOU!

2 Responses to “CLASSIC: That That That That Girl”

  1. blackangelsnyc Says:

    Hard bass + Prince sample I fux wit this


  2. blackangelsnyc Says:

    chick had mad blossom hats tho

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