Thuggin in public Tacos Del Rio’s

You gotta watch this shit from every angle to see why this shit had us DYINNN, my nigga straight up had a free shot and missed and ran into the fucking counter! These light skin niggas was tossing these boys, them white boys should have thought this shit through, niggas was scrapping in fubu jerseys and jean shorts.

VIEW Cam View 1

VIEW Cam View 3

shout out to Props Respect Props


4 Responses to “Thuggin in public Tacos Del Rio’s”

  1. Dude in the Ross x FUBU collabo joint gets duffed hard.

  2. dammmmnnn. thats what happens when you get KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT!

  3. blackangelsnyc Says:

    imagine you’re the cop who has to watch these tapes.
    And U cant. Stop. Laughing.

  4. blackangelsnyc Says:

    Dude in the black FUBU joint spent 95% of this fight on the floor. damn.

    dude in the green stripes cute tho

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