Thuggin’ In Public Tribute Mix

“In celebration of IMNOTATOY releasing their now sold out Boosie Beanie a couple weeks back we collaborated with DJ Plan b to drop this Lil’ Boosie tribute mix featuring some of our favorite classic savage jams. Of course there’s way too many classic Boosie tracks to fit on one mix so expect a second installment to this series. Fuck mayne it hurts me to see my boy locked down like this can’t even get his fade laced prolly walkin round the yard with the full blown Steve Harvey flat top now. Remember this on my momma if they hit Boosie with the death penalty I’m going to get Boosie’s portrait tatted on me and document it on here.” WORDS VIA RNT couldn’t have said it better

Shout Out Marino Gang

1.Better Believe It (feat. Young Jeezy & Webbie)
2.Fire (feat. Twista)
3.Louisiana’s Finest (feat. BG)
4.Like A Bird
5.This For
6.Mama Know Love
7.Loving Me
8.Let Me Ease Your Mind
9.Smoking On Purple (feat. Webbie)
10.Doin’ Our Thing (feat. Hurricane Chris)
11.We Out Chea
12.Pussy Ass Niggaz
13.Let’s Get Ignorant
14.Fuck You (feat. Webbie & Pimp C)
15. Swerve On Em’ (feat. Webbie)
16. Miss You
17.Dirty World
18.Mind Of A Manic Part 2
19.Fuck The Police (feat. Webbie)
20.Wipe Me Down (Remix) (feat. Foxx & Webbie)
21.Out Here Grindin’ (Remix) (feat. DJ Khaled Plies, Akon, and Rick Ross)
22.They Dykin’
23.Lil’ Boosie Love

DOWNLOAD: Lil’ Boosie-Thuggin’ In Public Tribute Mix

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