Approach me my friend

Chiiiiiill homeboy sounding like the announcer on Mortal Kombat,
then he started spitting at 2:48 “posted in a cave been 90 days since I seen some light, When I come out I will have album folks will bump for life” then he finished it off with the PTERODACTYL scream

5 Responses to “Approach me my friend”

  1. i feel like people bowling right now…(-__- )

  2. huffmurda1 Says:

    The pterodactyl’s name is First Degree the D.E. and he is a 7th grade math teacher in Sacremento. I’m not even bullshittin’
    Siccmade Records!!!

  3. good looks on the info, I knew the dude was degree from a homie but I didn’t even know all that!

    PRECIATE it homie

  4. blackangelsnyc Says:

    Is this nig eating a cop in the opening credit? too real too real…

  5. blackangelsnyc Says:

    first nig was killin it

    the host got that sexy KBL radio voice and shit my moms be likin

    white dude in cornrows w a 40.. every citys got one

    this ish funny as hell

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