In Coogi We Trust

KingSolomon hit me up and reminded me of BOUGHETTO , I forgot how prolific this video was filled with non sense, LV prints everywhere, bedazzled desk, coogi maps, Albert ICE stein…for the love of gawd this shit was next level.

VIA YOUTUBE COMMENT “this video set black people back 60 years.” haha this video is pretty ignant

6 Responses to “In Coogi We Trust”

  1. shit look like bacon….but why steve harvey be lookin like that nigga got that golden rotisserie light on him?

  2. also VIA YOUTUBE COMMENT “OMG, I did my grade 9 presentation on this song. I remember that I got 48% on it.”

  3. I’m dyinnnnnn at people saying it looks like bacon haha

  4. Chill i need the coogi map tho

  5. Encyclopedia Ghettonica

  6. This may be the best post around…

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