ImNotAToy Fashion Spotlight: Charlie Wilson

Uncle Charlie has been a fashion icon since…forever dawg. From his VERY exclusive braids with the matching beads to his S-curl texturizer activator mop top kits to his matching fitted cap, du-rag, button up combination. Who else do you know that can rock a pastel Pink button up with matching Baby Blue hat and suspenders.. with RHINESTONES ON EM’!!!! OH MY GAAAWD! So damn ICONIC AND REAL DAWG! *wipes tears of joy from eyes* We salute you Uncle Charlie and all of your profound contributions to the fashion world over the years. SALUTE!

One Response to “ImNotAToy Fashion Spotlight: Charlie Wilson”

  1. he’s got on some Merona trail runners from REI too. Don’t forget it baay. shaba daba dweetee dweee

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