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360 on dat azz

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Spinnin on you hoes

ImNotAToy Fashion Spotlight: Girbaud shuttle jeans

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If you haven’t heard the disheartening news *wipes tears from eyes*, Marithé + François Girbaud has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. So today here at ImNotAToy, we’d like to take some time out to pay homage to such iconic, such regal, such profound model of jeans. But before we get in to all that, let me ask ya’ll a quick question… You got dem Rees on ya feet? With dem Girbauds?


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Be on the look out for the left coast homie @Donzelly_
and be sure DL his EP “Nine Five”. Link under the video


Trip Set

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Nigga, Please

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Wanna keep dem waves spinnin’ dawg? Peep this EXCLUSIVE wave kit to keep people SEA SICK in deez streets!!! Peep the video below the kit for WAVEspiration
1. Brush
2. Two White Cat cigarillos
3. One Grape Dutch Masters cigarillo
4. A dub of that fire
5. A grinder
5. Wave Builder Spin’n Waves wave cream

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