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Can’t ban the snack man

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I got put on to the NY based skate site Quartersnacks some years ago when I moved to NY (for the second time) and its stayed in the top favorites of mine, first my love of Lil Debbie snacks and the name of the site was enough for me to fuck with. They’ve always showed the south alot of love too, so here and Ballers Eve Playa its always been love!

They have this snack man cruiser dropping sometime somewhere but this shit is straight PROLIFIC G!! Might even catch Jeezy riding down BLVD on this, SHIT TO REAL IN THE FIELD!

Girl Like Dis

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your mom made you and your little brother dance in front of her custom wrapped truck w/the chrome spinning rims. your not old enough to understand how important it is to be able to pop bottles of Nuvo in the VIP, but, your mom assures you it isn’t the reason why you eat mayonnaise sandwiches for dinner.

yo mom in da club

sausage muthafuckin sammiches

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PAUSE at 1:30 tho

Via Racial Slur

Anotha Flockin’ day….

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Thug Scout Cookies

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baller shit

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el golden platano

still not touchin tony the tiger tho…

Walk the beat in my bop and my beef and brocs

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