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Son Son : The HOTTEST Rapper ALIVE

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Son Son straight outta B’more! Ghost wrote lyrics for Jay-Z, Nas, Rick Ross, Drake, Earth Wind and Fire, Rakim, Run-DMC, Coldplay, Sammie, Chris Brown, and produced The Carter 1, 2, and 3. This man paved the way for a lot of artist. Please watch and don’t bite the lyrics


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Straight out OF Bodymore, Murdaland aka B-More comes a new video from A$AP Mob associate Young Shaka directed by A$AP Mob’s own A$AP Ant. Peep the visuals below or get hurt ON SIGHT


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Nigguh Please!

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Young Shaka- Zan with that lean (Tool in my jeans) freestyle

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Coming straight out of B-More and the Marino Gang camp is Young Shaka. Keep your eyes open. Mixtape coming soon. Big ups to @ygAddie. Link is under the picture.
Young Shaka- Zan with that lean (Tool in my Jeans) freestyle

1995 visual

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Check them young boys out tho Marino Goods , YOUNG AND THUGGIN! like my nigga turk say


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