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Omg they killed him

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Fucking Dickhead

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MAN! They put more holes in this man than a fucking golf course and the holes in your girl’s pantyhose combined!

Shit is Awesome, bruh…

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Rapper/ImNotAToy Community Worker, Smash Simmons’ promo for the single “Awesome”, from the upcoming mixtape “W.O.O.” (Weapons.Oil.&Opium). Rick James approved.

Get low dere

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Jamaican Batteries

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Keep it movin’…

Posted in 2k11shit, BASED., Body A Battybwoy, Everybody Smashin', game is up for the taking..... WATCH ME TAKE IT, Grillin' on yo bitch ass, Morgan FreeMan, MUSHIN' NIGGAS, New Lurk City, smash simmons, Uncategorized, Youuu Madddd with tags , , on May 10, 2012 by smashsimmons

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