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Mean Muggin

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Been had stacks doe

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Take my du-rag off?!?!

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If you’re tired of being asked to remove ya’ du-rag at certain establishments, bang this in your Walkman

Billy Smith

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Slap the beard out ya nigga

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We trippy mane!

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Buy my book nigga!

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I’d like to introduce you to Debonaire aka Culture Nice. Who’s Debonaire you ask? Watch the video and I’ll explain afterwards.

Now that we’ve gotten that weird shit out of the way, back to explaining who Debonaire is. For those who don’t know and I expect most NOT to know but Debonaire is a former member of the baby 2 Live Crew better known as The Poison Clan. Yes. The people that brought us “Shake what ya mama gave ya” and “Dance all night”. What he’s doing in East New York, Brooklyn with a TV remote control in a mini brief case, we’ll NEVER know.

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