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All Falls Down

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Via CAL (NoDaysOff)


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adebisi, simon

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its all about the beanie

Archive: Em City

Hey player! What you gonna get her for Christmas?

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Girl what you gonna get that boy?

“I want 12 disc changers
11 filly blunts
10 carot gold
9 sega tapes
8 gold teeth
7 pairs of jeans
6 pints of beer
5 fresh gold chainnnnnnns
4 thirty smokers
3 pack of draws
2 girlfriends
With a cadillac to put it all in!”

Eat me punk bitch!

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Cookie just too real out busting shots at niggas and shit, my man dead ass son and drank a glass of milk afterwards, Damn dawg.


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this a big bitch mayne

Grandma wtf u doin here?´╗┐

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Via @DevineEarth

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