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i keep my rings on

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Waka Flocka Cheetos

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Anotha Flockin’ day….

Posted in 20TEN SHIT, ate chain shawty, damn u got stole on hoe, Flocka, i'll FUCK YOU UP!, Ignant, southside, sucka tried 2 take my chain....n dey did it with tags , , on March 5, 2010 by smokajunt

Ridin’ dirt…no doubt!!!!

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We are the…WAKA!!!

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wait is that FLOCKA!!!!!!!!

Walmart Flocka Flame

Posted in cant wear skinny jeans cuz my glock wont fit, chaindown2mydick, choppas on deck, Chopper City Suit, chrome grill, Flocka, GA yea ATLANTA, i got it for cheap, On One on January 25, 2010 by Stevearelli


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decided to unleash all these NO DJ versions of them Waka Flocka tracks floating around from the tapes. no talking, no annoying ass tags, no constant rewinds…and if u aint up on this yet fuck with it hardest shit out


1.So Tired (Feat.Frenchie)
2.Ego Trippin (Feat.Jon Geezy)
3.Blunt Music
4.Face Hot (Feat.Jon Geezy,Lil Hot)
5.Fuck Da Police
6.Go Hard
7.Why They Hate’n On Flocka
8.Grind,Stunt,Go Hard
9.Off The Chain (Feat.David Blayne,Suga Shane)
10.O Let’s Do It (Feat.Cap)
11.No Jumper
13.Flexin[Remix] (Feat.Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman, David Blayne)
14.Hell U Talmbout (Feat.Travis Porter,Frenchie)
15.What Set U Claim (Feat.Chaise & Cartel)
16.Google Me (Feat.Kinto,Cartel,Cap)
17.Throwin Fingers (Feat.Rich Kid Shawty, Papoose)
18.All I Got (Feat.David Blayne)
19.Lambo This Summer
20.Hard In The Paint


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