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Fuck outta here

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…Thats a scary sight

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Its a trap

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Thug Kraka Revisited

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This time we’ve got a screwed version. If you didn’t see the original version peep that shit right here>>> Thug Kraka PLUS I got a bonus from them folks that brought us Thug Kraka. ‘Fiyah”!! My mans in the wheelchair is like the thug version of Professor X. Fronts and all.


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Via CallenderThinks

DAMN son just spazzed out!

Posted in Deeeee Fuccck, jim SCARY, Respect-Less, shoot dis muh'fucka, slap u til the white meat, Thiiiiiiissss Niggaaaaaa, U DOIN DA MOST.., what happenD? with tags , , , , on December 9, 2010 by imnotatoy

am I going to hell for laughing at this tho
The little girls face was like “Damn here we go again, he bout to turn it up SMH” ahahaa

shout out Dekorda

Ya Moms in da Club

Posted in act a donkey, ADults swimmin, Damn Gina, Desperate Housewives of New Lurk, GIMMIE A PROJECT BITCH, jim SCARY, U DOIN DA MOST.., what happenD? with tags , , , , on October 19, 2010 by blackangelsnyc

via: ya moms

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