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Shoot the fair one with ya boy

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Freak’eee in my Dashiki.

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I’m wearing Dashiki’s, getting 10 times mo’ freaky. Holla!

Thug Kraka Revisited

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This time we’ve got a screwed version. If you didn’t see the original version peep that shit right here>>> Thug Kraka PLUS I got a bonus from them folks that brought us Thug Kraka. ‘Fiyah”!! My mans in the wheelchair is like the thug version of Professor X. Fronts and all.

Ole Silly ass hoe!

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Cleaned off the old CD book today and threw in “Mista Don’t Play”. As track 6 came to an end, track 7 came on. GORILLA PIMP! Project dropped too many quotables in a short period of time. I’m going to list just a few, but listen for yourself.

*Hoe* I’m call yo’ mama up
*Project Pat* BITCH! That’s a no, no.

*All that loud talkin hoe, need to gon’ settle down
*No money for a Mack mean drama for a hoe, paramedics tottin you the trauma center door.
*Buying you Taco Bell, but a pimp eatin steak.
*She can hate my fucking guts, but she lovin my pimpin.

Put your pistols in the air

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Happy Halloween!!

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Thats fam thats fam

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