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It’s your boy

Posted in 6 RINGS ON....U CAN CALL ME.....JORDAN, Chopper City Suit, PRESIDENTIAL SHHHHIIITTTT, Put $2 in the air, REAL NIGGA!!!!!, Shit just got real, SUIT N TIE MUHFUCKAS, There Will Be OTHERS..., YOU'RE A REAL CLASS ACT.., Youuu Madddd with tags , , , on August 30, 2012 by imnotatoy

yea but i had to tie my shoe tho

Posted in Put $2 in the air, REAL NIGGA!!!!!, Respect-Less with tags on September 26, 2011 by purpito


Posted in BEASTMODE, Chiiiiiiiillllllll, crazy handles, dis ain't whatchu want, Going For Da GUSTO., Grip Up, Hops on deck, prolific moves, Put $2 in the air with tags , on July 30, 2011 by purpito

icecream paintjob

Posted in 2 Scoops, colder dina polar bear's toenail, cool hair cut, Mayfield Ice Cream, Put $2 in the air, shawty sittin on dem 20's, SKURR SKURR with tags on June 29, 2011 by purpito

Put your pistols in the air

Posted in act a donkey, bang bang bang bang bang, LOOK-A-HERE, Mafffiaaa, Put $2 in the air, U KNOW WHAT IT IS, who got dem techs??? with tags , , on November 24, 2010 by imnotatoy

In Bodegas We Trust

Posted in da beez kneez, DURAG WAVIN' n da wind, for these $2 NIGGAZ!!, GET IN MY BELLY!!, i got it for cheap, IM N yo HooD, Mayfield Ice Cream, New Lurk City, no limit bucket hat, On One, Put $2 in the air, YUM..YUM..EAT'EM UP with tags , , , , , , , , , , on March 30, 2010 by imnotatoy

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