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IMNOTATOY would like to take this time out to pay homage to ALL of the fallen soldiers out here. To the ones that fought street wars, personal wars and wars over seas. Rest in peace, your memory lives on, fa’sho



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Shit is sooooo real out here! I swear to gawwwd

R.I.P Slim Dunkin

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we sittin monkeys down ova hea nigga

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I’m so throwed in the game.

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R.I.P. Fat Pat

Downtown going HAMMER

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More New Orleans bounce…another one about hammers
[Archive Its Hammertime ]

But once again its the slander on the youtube comments, cold blooded
“Good gracious that girl is ugly. Is it me or are her teeth fucked up?
I will never go to New Orleans if this is what the people look like.” -Via Youtube Comment

it get real 1:52 tho R.I.P Magnolia Shorty!

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