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IMNOTATOY Presents: The Kellz Collection

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“We got room keys!!!” Indeed we do Uncle Kellz, indeed. We the good folks here at IMNOTATOY would like to present to you, the masses, THE KELLZ COLLECTION. Yes people, Uncle Kellz has had a great affect on ALL of our lives. From His VERY profound cornrows, his LEGENDARY fashion down to his GROUNDBREAKING home made flick. Uncle Kellz is OBVIOUSLY the uncle that we’ve ALL wanted. We all remember the “Down Low” video and how our uncle Kellz went against Mr. Biggs wishes to never touch his lady and the captivating ass whooping Biggs layed down on him for it. LOOK AT ME! I DID THIS TO YOU! *We’re still wondering how he got back from the desert* Kellz has and STILL does have a great influence on many genres. One in particular is rap. How could you forget the CLASSIC Cam’ron verse “R.Kelly mask, slash Michael Jackson Glove.Yeah I raped them kids , go to court smack the judge” So without further ado, we give you the KELLZ COLLECTION, comprised of 3 tees and one limited tee. Even though Kellz advised us back in 96′ to keep it on the “Down Low” we’ve decided to do other wise. THANK YOU KELLZ, THANK YOU!!!







For da fam

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Respect the Wave

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Nigga I’m Waaaaaaaaavy
S/O CooterClark


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Play Off

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They’re NOT A Toy

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