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IceJJFish back with the WorldPremiere Video

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Coming to a 106 and park top 10 countdown soon

Vince Fucking McMahon

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The Voice of McDonald’s

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thumbs up playa

Been pulling triggers, Been running thru the hallways

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Via Wayne Money

Holla at my boys about them photoshop jobs

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They got the game on lock, Its Nothing.
Adebayo Shodipe SubscribeMarch 3

Bassekou Tangara October 21 2011

Ismo Diable En Persone August 3


Mahamane Diall October 6

Medi Djo Share

Nouhoum Yattara June 29


Shout out to Matt M in Amsterdam

Exclusive MJ invite

Posted in 2K12 SHHHHHIIIIIIIITTT, 6 RINGS ON....U CAN CALL ME.....JORDAN, act a donkey, ADults swimmin, all star, BOI... Ya doin the most!, Chiiiiiiiillllllll, Chopper City Suit, for these $2 NIGGAZ!!, IM N yo HooD, On One, Swag on full with tags , , on March 11, 2013 by imnotatoy

Make sure you wear proper jordan suit attire mane
jordan invitaion

Archive: Jordan Archive


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Sometime us playas and gangstas be going threw it with are ol ladies dawg, straight up. I feel yo pain baby gurl, I do doe *wipes tears away with du-rag cape*
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