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We still trippy mane

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This album right here put my mans Mo B. Dick up there with the likes of Michael Jackson, Al Green, Marvin Gaye & Barry White. Shit is so soulful and thug at the same time. Real smooth like 100 gallons of Cocoa Butter. Type of shit you throw on with your 2-toned du-rag and just relax with ya lady on her grandma plastic covered couch dawg. For real! So download this right here, hit the corner store, grab a 40 and some rubbers and call it a night. *Click album cover to DL*

Mo B. Dick Gangsta Harmony

Yea I love da strippers

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Multi part documentary directed by Artemus Jenkins

One time for our Sponsors

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CAMELflage underwear

Slap the beard out ya nigga

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That Wednesday Gangsta Walk

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Locked in the Lair

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CP and Todd the surfer are locked in the BX cloud surfing on you hoes, prepping for TODD THE SURFER – Srfs up: The ballad of Big Ritchie Lununez

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