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RNT presents Spread Those Cheeks Vol. 3

May 25, 2011

We been waiting for the fam EastSide Stevie to drop that volume 3 of this prolific series! Just in time for the summer with all the biddies out in sundresses dropping it low. Nah but fuck all you Jon B looking niggas that used to get all the girls, pillow talking to hoes with straight […]

Spread Those Cheeks Girl Volume 2

October 27, 2009

Back at it bruh with that blow her back out slow jam 90’s music straight spreadin them cheeks gettin all up in there like its the county no homo. Plays straight through like a real tape Side A and Side B, CLICK THE COVER TO DOWNLOAD Side A Montell Jordan (Featuring Master P & Silkk […]

Spread Those Cheeks Girl Volume 1

September 19, 2009

Back on my bullshit, this time with my own tape. Spread Those Cheeks Girl volume 1 featuring all dat hot R & B shit from way back when. Real talk if I aint got DMX Party Up blastin while i tear my ol’ lady love canal up im prolly playin this shit right here. I […]