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They on Fiya!

Posted in Classick with tags , , , on January 22, 2013 by imnotatoy

Classic shit right here mane, I was a young lad all about that Cash Money shit. This was a ground breaking era in (Rap) Music.

“The first beat I bought from fresh he charged me 1Hunnid dollas, I bought bout 10 of em ya heard me” – Baby

“…They budgets be over a million dollars, They way I see it…Give me that million we spending bout $5000 and we got and album…lets roll” – Juvenile

You got BALLER BLOCKIN playboy

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Rainy day movie for that ass to watch has the whole thing on the tube
that old cash money films, the movie is so bad its good and the soundtrack was sick too. Juve, Bg, Turk, lil wayne, Baby, Mannie Fresh and Slim all in this of course.
Picture 4

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