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Wally World: Meet Somethin’ New

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Most people go to Walmart to get cheap (snacks, cleaning supplies, sheets, camo snuggies) shit . . . but, Mr. Ghetto goes to pick up chics who stuff their fat asses in boy shorts.

shout out to the tumblr user who wrote “One day when some crazy white people try to bring back slavery. This is gonna be on their list of evidence….. and it’s gonna be hard to argue with them. “

shout out to the youtube user who wrote “He got some bars bars bars bars bars bars bars bars bars bars.”

and shout out to Beth for putting me the fuck on.


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Uncle Larel

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Choppas to your party…

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“See I brought in the CLub/Cause I know my situation/know how these pussy niggas hating” – Booise

Via Wayne Money

No Limit at Nitro

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Via Wayne Money ( who has an imnotatoy account but never uses it)


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